Return of The Fox

In which The Fox returns. . .

We left the room with Alphonse. . . I mean Balthazar. As I looked around, I realized the Hand of Meta had blessed us with two more of our companions: Shield Lady and Sneak-Thief. I never do understand Meta, but things always seem to work out. Oh well.

We went back toward the area where we heard the clanging of picks before we started the games. We followed a small tunnel, listening carefully to their steady picks as we entered a fairly large room.

Near the entrance (before we could really see who was mining – we were above them, you see), we found a wooden chest, and a sturdy wooden table. The table had some documents on it that, of course, I rifled through. To my dismay, I recognized the handwriting. . . my old mentor, The Fox.

I tried to sneak up to the railing to look below. I wondered if The Fox was down there. And he was! I waved at him, but he didn’t seem to recognize me. I was pretty sure my friends were right behind me, so I looked back to check on them. . .
NOPE, shouldn’t have looked back! I tripped, falling right into the railing with a loud crash. This not so subtle crash happened to alert the six fellows below. They weren’t too happy.

They all looked pretty angry and started to run at us, but out of nowhere the room started to get dark and began shaking. I felt a booming voice from behind me, which rattled me down to the core: “STOP! You don’t know what you’re getting into!” I looked, and the voice was coming from none other than Kythrin!

All of the miners were frozen in fear, and then I smelled something horrible. I think one of the miners shat himself! The commander (I assumed, he’s wearing some sort of uniform), stuttered to the miners: “The potions! Drink the potions!”

The miners all pulled potions off of their belts and drank them. They immediately began growing scaly and ferocious. They seemed a bit more cogent than the other lizard people we faced, but I still didn’t really want to fight them. Especially since I didn’t have any spell potions on me.

Our party pulled out bows and proceeded to rain down arrows (or in Kythrin’s case, fire) on the lizard people. I had Balthazar help me flip the table over on its side, creating a barricade for defense. Our stronger fighters left the safety of the barricade to fight these creatures up close. After some more fighting and a few volleys of arrows, the commander was wounded and the lizard creatures were all on the other side of the room. So I convinced Elf Lady to jump down off the ledge with me, to tie up The Fox.

He didn’t struggle very much as we tied him up. He seemed pretty disoriented.
[Kadir and Elf Lady used A Rope!
. . .
. . .
All right! THE FOX was caught!
New POKéDEX data will be added for THE FOX!]
I slapped his face a couple of times, but he still didn’t recognize me. While this was happening, the brave people in our party finished off the lizard people (who all turned back into bloody and nasty men upon dying). Of course, my bearded friend tried, and succeeded, in catching a thrown knife with his back.

The party went to interrogate the captain, who was injured and crawling toward the exit. After some intense “interrogation”, he was on the brink of death. I had already whipped out my alchemy supplies (of course) in an attempt to bring The Fox back from his strange mental state. So I quickly whipped up a health potion so the group could continue their “interrogation.” I spared a potion for Boruf as well, since he did such a good job catching that knife.

We unfortunately didn’t get a lot of information from the jailer captain. And he didn’t really even have any good stuff for us to take. But the fox came to his senses after drinking some lithium tincture and sniffing some dank shroom salts.

After talking to him for a while, we learned that he was being forced to help create the lizard potion by the Black hand. We also learned that he had made a lot of it, and that it was heading for the capital. With that, we untied him and decided to travel to the capital with him to stop this shipment of potions from arriving.

Will our heroes be able to get to the capital in time? Was The Fox telling the truth?

Find out next time in the world of Aurlathen!!!
[cue two minute credit sequence]


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