Religious History

The Dogmaurum

Aurum, the Creator, created the world and its races. She granted each race its specific traits. After expending herself so thoroughly, she laid herself to rest so that she could recover.

Proteas, the Corruptor, was jealous of Aurum’s creation. He conceived a plan to overtake the world.

Proteas laid his cosmic body to rest and broke his cosmic spirit into three pieces. He inhabited one human, one dwarf, and one elf (the most numerous races at the time). These beings were clever and conniving, and were able to assume leadership over their respective races.

The three beings brought their races together and formed the Council of Three. The council established the old capital city of Vahlmont and, since its members were gifted with longer lifespans, they ruled for centuries. They brought about class warfare, political turmoil, and were just generally douchebags.

Aurum wakes up and quickly realizes what Proteas has done. Since she is a being of creation (as opposed to one of destruction/corruption), she cannot destroy Proteas outright. Instead, she creates a great destiny for a chosen human.

The unnamed human assumes the mantle of the “Herald of Aurum”. The Herald begins to preach and disperse the Dogmaurum, and amasses a great following from among the lower classes of all races.

The Dogmaurum boils down to this: good spirits go into the service of Aurum and rest peacefully. Evil spirits are reincarnated and purged. This doctrine especially appeals to humans, with their shorter life spans. It also vaguely outlines the setup of the Church of Aurum.

The Herald leads his group of holy warriors against Vahlmont. Initially they are unsuccessful, and the Co3 has The Herald publicly executed.

Yay, martyrdom. The destruction of The Herald empowers Aurum to the point that she is able to create an eternal prison for Proteas. His body and spirit are weakened after being apart for so long, so Aurum manages to bind them within the prison.

The transition breaks Proteas. His body and soul are shattered into innumerable, infinitesimal shards. The amount of free energy is so great that it creates an imbalance.

The free energy seeks stability, and it finds it where it can.

  • Most neutral shards take hold within Aurlathen itself, thus giving birth to the magic of the world.
  • Evil shards were bound within those creatures too powerless to withstand their power. This is where we get beasts, monsters, etc.
  • Those that fought for Proteas against the Argent Hand were eternally corrupted. Their humanoid forms were cursed, giving rise to the accursed orcs. These beings suffer eternal torment from their nature. They were banished by Aurum herself to the Broken Lands of the north.

After the Battle

Vahlmont, the center of Aurlathenian society, was decimated as if by Aurum herself. With no center of culture and no ruling body of law, the land of Aurlathen was thrown into chaos.

Adherents to the Church of Aurum banded together in pockets across the land, bringing order back to Aurlathen. The largest grouping of devout citizens was at a city dubbed Aurvanneth in the south of Amestris. Over the centuries this city grew larger and more secure with rings of stone walls going out from the city. Aurvanneth became the capital of the church and eventually the cultural center of humanity.

The Church of Aurum developed into two distinct branches.

  • The Argent Hand, named after the warriors of legend, were the active disciplinary body of Aurum. They uphold the law of the land and have developed a reputation of stern, haughty guardsmen.
  • The clerical branch is known as the Aurdentia, with its members known as Aurdents. They are the legislative and scholastic branch of the church.

Operating alongside these two bodies is the Divine Matron, selected by the will of Aurum. This is a holy woman who embodies all of the virtues reminiscent of Aurum. She serves in a lifelong executive position, making decisions on the laws and activities of the church.

Secular History

The Current World

The world you all inhabit is estimated to exist around 2000 years after the fall of Vahlmont.

No definitive historical records from that time exist outside of the Church of Aurum.

  • The Church of Aurum is the primary religion of humans. Every being in Aurlathen has at least heard of the Church of Aurum.

Other races don’t necessarily follow the Dogmaurum.

  • Dwarves are mostly without religion; they prefer advancement through scientific pursuits.
  • Elves have developed their own belief system, the Re’hannon, that focuses on the magic inherently found in nature.

Along with their divergence from the Dogmaurum, the non-human races have claimed their own lands.

  • Dwarves found their home above- and below-ground in the mountains.
  • Elves were nomadic until they found The Well of Eternity, a lake overflowing with natural magic.

The lands have loose borders, and are named as follows

  • Gal’hara, the Forest of Elves. Capital at Eira’me.
  • Diremont, the Mountain of Dwarves. Capital at Deepholme.
  • Amestris, the Land of Humans. Capital at Aurvanneth.

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